Grounded in one


New platform

Hello everyone! First off, I am beyond grateful for all of you. This community was somehow grown completely from scratch and a hopeful heart. With that said, I’m moving to a new platform called “Buy Me a Coffee.” It will been million times easier to manage than an entire website. Sent it will be easier […]

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I hope you enjoy this new poem! Thanks for reading! I hope you can find moments today to love yourself just as you are.

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haiku four (Dandelion)

Haikus always ground me in words themselves. It’s a combination of getting the exact right phrasing and syllables mixed with the paradox of never truly capturing the feeling you’re trying to put in words — that process is beautiful.

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taste of death

Hey! It’s been a bit hasn’t it? I took a bit to get re-situated and back in a daily rhythm. Anyways, enjoy this new poem! Much love everyone 🙂

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