An Introduction

The skeptic might say, “why should I read yet another 20-year-old white male’s blog?” and I shall attempt to answer. I believe that in the core of us all, we are unchangeable. Think about it, what are your deepest passions, concerns, and loves? What does your heart long for, but deeper than that, what does your true essence long for? Can you change these inner-most passions? If you dig deep enough, and you’re honest with yourself, the answer is no. Amongst a few things, writing is one of these unchangables for me — something that I’m passionate about and can never walk away from (nor do I want to). It is the medium in which I attempt to explore the other unchangeable aspects of my nature. As a result, a blog developed.

The skeptic may continue, “I’m not sure I can buy into this, this writer is already making big and confusing claims.” One thing I will never do is try and force you to believe what I believe. In fact, I encourage thoughtful discussion that may go against my claims. Learning from other lenses of life is a great gift. I intend to offer a variety of my lenses in this blog.

“Okay, okay, but what is this actually going to be about? Just a guy rambling?” the skeptic says.

This blog is intended to cover a variety of topics. This may be a turn-off for some who looks for a specific, topic-oriented blog. However, one of the main goals of this blog is to show that everything is connected — it’s all Grounded in One. So whatever topic may be discussed each week, I hope that both of our minds would be challenged in new ways. To allow our world-view to expand into the All. Some of the main lenses I will wring each topic through will be creativity, spirituality, and wholeness. I believe we all seek these things in some-type of life’s aspect, though we may not be aware of it yet.

My goals for this blog are lofty:

  • I intend to share a weekly blog full of quality content that seeks not only to challenge the reader but myself.
    • I chose one-a-week to push myself to write more and still be able to produce “quality over quantity.”
  • To be brutally honest with my audience
  • Engage with my audience
  • Allow for peaceful but striking discussions as to promote beneficial discussion of different worldviews
  • Have fun, writing/reading should be challenging, but ultimately rewarding. 

I do realize that this “Introduction” lacks an introduction to who I am. I find it a little comical as well as intentional — so I’ll leave it that way. You’ll gain a better grasp of who I am as we continue on this endeavor.

If you made it this far, thank you. A proper introduction to all the plans I have bouncing around in my head about what this is would be too long of a post. I promise that once things get going, it’ll come together as a little more organized and coherent. With that said, let’s get going on this journey together.

Be free in the present,

Trace Maddox

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