Love is our Native Tongue

“Love is the language, love is your native tongue” — Switchfoot

Switchfoot in OKC

“We want to be a band that sings songs of hope.” — Jon Foreman

“I want the world to sing in her native tongue” — Switchfoot

I had the opportunity to see Switchfoot this week. Switchfoot has been one of my top bands since I was little. It has only been recently that I’ve begun to see the true intentions of their work and lives. So many people bog them down to “Christian music,” but they are so much more. In actuality, they are not a Christian band (just thought I’d throw that out there). I digress… this concert was powerful, to say the least. The concert was called “The Fantastic Traveling Music Show” fit with props of shipwrecks and air-ballooned escapes — fitting for the message they had for us. We all come from shipwreck places, we come from a time when everything is blue or red, black or white. We wave our flags of allegiance so violently at one another. But underneath all the hate. Underneath all the pain. Underneath it all… is love, our native tongue.

Love, Joy, and Humanity

A shipwreck of my own was where I was when I walked through the doors of the venue. Upset with the world I live in, upset at the injustices of our society, upset I have a billion papers to write for class haha! I digressed again… to say the least, I was upset. This concert, the message of hope, love, joy, and humanity was refreshing and a good reminder at a perfect time. My ego and individual “upsetness” was affecting my ability to love others well. In reality, my problems stem from my privilege and are minuscule when it comes to the grand scheme of things. During this tour, Switchfoot is putting into practice what they sing, love. They’ve paired up with food for the hungry ( This is pretty common for Switchfoot, they usually partner with organizations like this as well as visit these actual impoverished places, they see the oneness that our world is. We only have one life. How will we choose to live it? 

Love is our Native Tongue

I think a lot of the hate we see today is a product of people wanting to be noticed, or a connection to be felt (the US is after all the loneliest nation). Maybe if we would affirm one another in love more, people would be less inclined to “act out?” May we speak words of love and see the interconnectedness of all things. We are made of love, we are love Herself, so don’t hide it underneath.

"Feel your heartbeat bang the drum
Open up your eyes and fill your lungs
The same word from where the stars are flung
Love is the language, love is your native tongue" -- Native Tongue by Switchfoot

Feel your heartbeat — you are alive, every beat is a miracle. Focus on each heartbeat and make it matter, it could be your last.

Open up your eyes and fill your lungs — wake up to what is happening around you. Grow in your awareness. Breathe… Breathe… Breathe… this is your true nature.

The same word from where the stars are flung — you are the universe. Speak love, for you are made of love.

Love is the language, love is your native tongue.

Be free in the present,

Trace Maddox

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