When there is so much out there, it is hard to tell what the truth is. When people get paid to click-bait debate and tear everyone apart, it is hard to see what love is. When your day is ruined by something said to you online, what does that say about you? Should we add to the void? Should we stand up in the void? Should we take a seat? Should we love when it is twisted with ego? Is there hope in the void of information and technology? I wrote this following poem in response to my struggle with these questions, I still don’t think I have an answer.

what happens when
the words fill the void
can you ever truly
fill the void
people craft words
with malice 
rooted in their heart
and speak into 
the void simply
hoping it’ll strike

what shall the void do 
except swallow and 
absorb these meaningless 
the echochamber of 
the human ego
the void -- a landfill
of rotting words 

what shall the void do
except try to bring
light upon the few
words forged in love
and spoken with a 
kiss and hug

is there beauty 
where love and hate 
do their molecules 
share in harmony 
is there one 
musical note
that rings 
within the void
is it hidden 
behind the hopelessness 
peer into the void 
and watch it stare 
back until 
the void is you

A shorter post this week, lots going on. Thank you for your time and for following this journey. Much love, beloved.

Be free in the present,

Trace Maddox

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