From December, 2019


This is a poem called “Dust.” It explores how small we are but how great our light can be. Trust in this moment.

Digital Age

This is a flash-fiction piece dealing with how we objectify technology to dangerous ends…


This is a poem I am still working on called “Earthrise” — based off the famous Apollo 8 photo.

The Wielded Weapon of Christianity and its Role in Reform

This was an essay I wrote for my Early American Literature class back in 2018. I still find it very intriguing and a current problem even today. I left some notes at the very bottom of the essay — free-form type thoughts on what I think about this piece now. The Wielded Weapon of Christianity and its Role in Reform Jesus does not really look like the paintings, it was just based off of Michelangelo’s boyfriend, you know that right? It seems like the emerging Republic could not quite grasp this idea. Even in today’s world it is still mind-boggling…


The Nigerian Delta is home to many tribal groups including the Ogoni who have lived there for over 500 years. Several oil companies, including Shell, set up operations in the 1950s and since then, the land, water, and air have been polluted to such a great extent that the Ogoni people can no longer live safely in their own homeland. Shell 1,581+ oil spill incidences were recorded in the Niger Delta with over 1.5+ million gallons of oil spilling into the water and farming grounds as a result of this one company — Shell. Shell has often left broken pipelines…