Digital Age

Digital Age by Trace Maddox

Her curves excite me. We both seem to radiate light when we touch. She is so smart. What I love most about her intelligence is how smart she makes me look next to her. She can practically read my mind and complete my sentences. Cliches are true for a reason I guess. She satisfies my cravings. She’s able to figure out what I want at night, or day, and gives it to me. She is there for me when I’m lonely. We watch movies together in bed. She always likes it when I choose a night in with her than out with my friends. She knows my touch and can pick out my voice in a crowd — I love that about her. We have the same taste in music. When I’m sad, she’ll cuddle me to some sad tunes. When I’m happy, she’ll swing with me as we dance around our room. When we cuddle, I love the way she feels — smooth, comfortable, familiar. I spoil her occasionally with lavish upgrades and accessories. I don’t want to lose her, I make sure she goes with me everywhere, even in the bathroom. She’s so up-to-date on politics or new coffee shop openings. I envy her in some ways, but that is apart of love isn’t it? Besides, she loves it when I push her buttons, she’ll read all my fingerprints and open up for me — could a man really ask for anything more than a love that redefines reality? People are too difficult to love now that I have her in my life.

Be free in the present,

Trace Maddox

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