The Oneness of the Ocean

i floated 
as my heart sunk
while the salty water
made it easy
to simply just tread

i was suspended
body baking
but cooled by billowing 
waves beating my 
slightly burned chest

i stared at the waves crest
and our troughs
and scales fell from our eyes

in these all encompassing 
moments movements motions
where the wave exists not without
the ocean and 
the ocean is 
not without a 
wave nor is 
either one without
the moon or 
sun or source 

it is all 
one and one 
is it all 

there is no 
wave or ocean
moon or sun 
it simply is 
all apart of 
the ground of 

the oneness 
of it all 
what it means to 
be alive

my beautiful beloved 
we are all 
of this 
we are the ocean

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed this poem. As you may have noticed, the website is still undergoing some changes — an update will be headed your way soon about how I see things moving forward. For now, though, I will just be free in the present. I have an email list developing, it will include bonus writings, thoughts, stories, and things of the like. It will also be a great way to build a community with you and allow you to give me more direct input with your thoughts as to what you want to see. The sign-up link is Thanks for being here today. You are loved.

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