Stop speaking to me in binaries. The truth and false and right and wrong. Don’t you ache like me? Won’t you die like me? Are we not all headed to the same place? The answer you hold is a sliver of what you are compelled to call truth. Touch the earth and feel the warmth underneath the glass bottles. Hold the glass out in front of your eyes and let the light filter through and create a rainbow of colors that speak the truth. Sit with yourself and that rainbow long enough and you’ll understand its all here and now and that’s beautiful. Follow the bottle as it runs down the river. You are the bottle, caught in the grace-filled flow of the river. Rocks cause you to oppose, move around, resist. That’s resistance. That’s justice. That is apart of the flow. Do not miss the flowers eating away at the bank of the river. There’s lessons there. There’s inner peace. That is freedom.

Be free in the present,


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