Free-Write (#2)

When the window breaks and the glass spills on the floor do you see shimmering seashells? Do you ache to tape the pieces together? Do you wish to walk barefoot across to show your strength? Does blame or love extend itself to the breaker of glass?

They sweep the glass into a pan and the broom moves dirt around as it flings suspended in the air. The window lets in the smells of outside and spotlights the dust centerstage. The refraction of dust kisses the glass on the floor as they peer into it. Who do they see?

They sit and stare and feel and hear and smell and taste and see and awaken. They hurt and feel and open and break and mend and reflect.

Is the essence of the window lost when it shatters? Does a person recover from that? They realize the breaking and repairing. The reflecting and dust is still apart of the same story — the same reality.

Here and now is the simultaneous breaking and repairing. Indoor and outdoor.

Be free in the present,

Trace Maddox

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