Happy 1st birthday

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog. I’m sitting at the same desk but I am not the same person I was a year ago. Cliches are true for a reason, but a lot has changed in one year. Grounded in One has been a mantra of sorts for me since I started to deconstruct what it means to be alive. At the root of what we are and who we are is the Ground of Being — a oneness that connects us all. Call it God, call it reality, call it awareness, call it nothing at all, call it what you will, but I’m starting to see through the vail of the stories we place on each other. It’s such a painful process. I don’t think anyone wants to wake up, but I think it is something that happens at the rate it does.

Michael Gungor said, “dying to yourself is not the same thing as repressing or being out of touch with you own body, mind, desires… etc. Dying to yourself is the absolute height of living.”

This blog has been an outlet for me exploring the notions of what it means to be me, to love fully, to be present, and to be awareness itself. Though I honestly thought no one at all would follow this, it has been super interesting to see and even meet some of you who appreciate what I am putting out. It’s been a great love of mine. When no one wanted to talk to me about these ideas, you all were here, thank you.

I think about the hard conversations I’ve had with those I love about my “beliefs” changing and how it has pushed me to understand myself more fully. I am coming to terms with the notion that I don’t have anything to really “share” or force onto people. Who am I to say that you should do this or that to find peace, love, and harmony? I will say that I hope to be a stepping stone for people, meaning, I hope I can be present and love people well enough that they see through the suffering — the ego inflicting pain on itself in order to survive.

I am excited for this year and having this blog as a place to explore the craziest corners of the universe as I dig deeper into this very moment, for what else is there other than this second, this breath, this movement of energy?

Be free in the present,

P.S. I have a free email list if you desire some bonus content. I think I’ve only sent one email out in the couple of months of having the list, so don’t expect anything wild. However, I do have some pretty cool plans brewing in my head so that’ll be the first place they are released. I love you all dearly and hope peace and connection find you.

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