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Ego (letting go)

This is a complementary poem that works with the previous “Ego (holding on).” This poem explores the freedom found in letting go of the stories we tell ourselves. In turn, we become the YES to it all.


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret has been such an influential documentary for me. This is a poem that has come out as a result of a growing strive to protect Mother Earth. Give it a watch on Netflix.

Haiku Two

I have been having a lot of fun writing Haikus recently. Getting the right words is hard for me as a writer, nevertheless, it is what draws me forward. Hope you enjoy. (Also as a pre-P.S. I guess, there will be some upcoming updates to my website soon with some new features. I am kinda pumped for it, but it’ll take some time.)

Terraforming/ Big Bend

This upcoming week I will be in Big Bend National Park in Texas. This place is pretty incredible — it is like you’ve landed on an alien planet with barren lands marked by wild rock formations. Red, dusty, beautiful. I’ve been here before and that trip inspired by poetry book, Terraforming: A Story of the Heart and Separation (which you can find at the bottom of groundedinone.com.) In honor of returning to this park, I’ve decided to post the poem that comes from my poetry narrative/book that is titled “Big Bend.” This piece fits into the narrative well, I think, as a way of describing the new planet the character in the book finds themself in. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to check out the full book in you are so inclined. 


This is a poem called “Dust.” It explores how small we are but how great our light can be. Trust in this moment.

The Wielded Weapon of Christianity and its Role in Reform

This was an essay I wrote for my Early American Literature class back in 2018. I still find it very intriguing and a current problem even today. I left some notes at the very bottom of the essay — free-form type thoughts on what I think about this piece now. The Wielded Weapon of Christianity and its Role in Reform Jesus does not really look like the paintings, it was just based off of Michelangelo’s boyfriend, you know that right? It seems like the emerging Republic could not quite grasp this idea. Even in today’s world it is still mind-boggling…