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I don’t know quite what to say in times like these. Obviously, it is important to fight and speak against racism, that’s not quite what I am getting at (in terms of subject matter). It also feels weird to post something not exactly related to what is happening in our world right now because that’s all everyone is talking about and for good reason. We need to keep talking about racism and police brutality. However, sometimes I feel like I have to say something when I don’t, but I am learning to quiet down. To sit. To listen. To be…

Easter (a poem on The Cosmic Dance)

Here is an “Easter” poem. It explores the notion that our universe has always been about death and resurrection — we’re all dancing as one. We’re all dying as one. We’re all resurrecting as one. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading! Much love.


New Site, New Plans, New Direction

Hello Everyone, I hope this letter is finding you well. The fact that anyone would read my stuff is bewildering to me. When I started back in September of 2019, I had no idea that people around the world would be reading my poetry and random creative endeavors. Back then, I didn’t quite have a direction I wanted this “thing” to go. I just wanted to write more regularly, and if anyone felt compelled by it, that’d be a plus. Here we are though, and I am incredibly humbled and grateful for each one of you — know that you…

Haiku Three

Hope you all like this Haiku. Laughing at myself is something I am still trying to learn.

Haiku Two

I have been having a lot of fun writing Haikus recently. Getting the right words is hard for me as a writer, nevertheless, it is what draws me forward. Hope you enjoy. (Also as a pre-P.S. I guess, there will be some upcoming updates to my website soon with some new features. I am kinda pumped for it, but it’ll take some time.)