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Terraforming/ Big Bend

This upcoming week I will be in Big Bend National Park in Texas. This place is pretty incredible — it is like you’ve landed on an alien planet with barren lands marked by wild rock formations. Red, dusty, beautiful. I’ve been here before and that trip inspired by poetry book, Terraforming: A Story of the Heart and Separation (which you can find at the bottom of groundedinone.com.) In honor of returning to this park, I’ve decided to post the poem that comes from my poetry narrative/book that is titled “Big Bend.” This piece fits into the narrative well, I think, as a way of describing the new planet the character in the book finds themself in. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to check out the full book in you are so inclined. 

National Parks

These photos were taken by my long-time friend Brandon Cobb (@_childish_brandino_). He has graciously provided not only these captivating photos but has contributed a very compelling piece of writing included below (“Brandon’s Excerpt”). He speaks a lot of truth, and I am thankful we have people like him who see the beauty and importance of our world. This week I had the awesome opportunity to go to White Rock Mountain in Arkansas. We (my girlfriend and I) quite literally stayed at the very top of this mountain overlooking rolling hills and valleys of green trees bending under the wind. A…

mother, you are hurt & mother, you are healing

mother, you are hurt I run outside as a kid ready to play in the rain — barefoot.The ground is cold and the drops bring goosebumps and shivers. I step on your bloody Oklahoma mud andit shoots through the cracks in my toes.The oil drills continue to crucify your body.They drive their bits in your hands andspit on your face with pollutants and claim kingship over you. But mother,you have a strong core. mother, you are healing You quake and shake you crumble and mumble but you are powerful. A core of iron and nickel –the pressure only makes you stronger and wiser. People have begun to notice your aging skinand the destruction of youroceans that hold mysteriesand the…